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Analysis of current market situation and prospect of electric wheelchair
- Jun 21, 2018 -

  Electric wheelchairs, for some elderly groups or people with disabilities, is considered to be the most ideal means of transport, especially the increasingly serious aging makes electric wheelchairs become the necessities of life for the elderly. With the growth of the disabled to return to society and the desire for independent living, the wheelchair has been perfected to improve the performance and quality, and the electric wheelchair has emerged.

  For the hand function is weak, can not use the ordinary mechanical wheelchair, or although can use, but the long-distance exercise cannot bear the strength, the electric wheelchair's advantage becomes very obvious. On the other hand, the major cities all over the world are facing the problem of the aging of the social population, and according to the United Nations forecast, our country is ageing faster than the world's aging rate, and the degree of aging is also very high, coupled with the presence of 24.12 million of the population of physical disability, these people need

  The desire to help them achieve freedom of movement, in addition to all aspects of social care and efforts, the most effective care and help is to let them have an ideal means of transport!

  In Europe and the United States and other economically developed countries, the elderly, disabled-specific manual wheelchair has been gradually eliminated, replaced by superior performance, easy to operate, driving more secure and reliable intelligent electric wheelchair. Due to the rapid economic development of our country and the continuous improvement of people's living standard, there is a strong demand for electric wheelchairs in our country now. For the disabled and elderly families, electric wheelchairs have become more and more important necessities!