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Classification of electric Wheelchairs
- Jun 21, 2018 -

  by function:

  1. ordinary electric wheelchair: that is, only electric transport function, the rear wheel is generally 8-inch or 10-inch wheels.

  2. Hand electric dual-use electric wheelchair: can be realized by the operator of Electric and manual two ways to walk, the rear wheel is generally 24-inch or 22-inch wheels.

  3. can lie on the electric wheelchair: In addition to the function of electric transport, can also achieve electric flat lying, and can be at 90° to 180° any angle between flat lying, convenient for users to exercise the body. 4, can be lying electric wheelchair: Out of the function of electric transport, but also to achieve a standing and peaceful lying. The advent of this type of electric wheelchair allows many patients with disabilities or stroke hemiplegia to achieve their dream of standing by means of tools that enable them to regain their new life.

  And by lying and standing can help users to exercise, to avoid long-term sitting in a wheelchair, prone to bed sores.

  5. other special functions of electric wheelchair: such as increased massage, rocking chair, GPS positioning, a key communication and other special functions.

  According to the material points:

  1. Ordinary Steel

  2. Stainless steel

  3. aluminum alloy

  4. Aerospace alloy

  5. Magnesium alloy

  According to the surface treatment points:

  1. electroplating

  2. Anodic oxidation

  3. Baking paint 

  4. Spray plastic