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Consumer demand for electric wheelchairs
- Jun 21, 2018 -

1. Consumer demand

  Because the electric wheelchair is relatively still new product, so the development cost is relatively high, so the price is more expensive than manual wheelchair, consumers buy electric wheelchair's hope to meet is: electric transport, intelligent massage, can lie down, so that the mobility of the people from the new experience of the joy of action.

2. Level of consumer income

  Electric wheelchairs are mainly located in the high profile consumers, because the price of products relative to the ordinary wheelchair difference, and as a new product market share is relatively limited status quo, the General Electric wheelchair is positioned in those high school stalls consumers, and exports of more foreign.

3. Consumer structure

  In terms of market conditions, consumers who buy electric wheelchairs divided into buyers and end consumers, because as a kind of old people and disabled goods, the general purchase of their own relatives, such as children, such as purchase to the elders, and ultimately consumers generally buy less, their ability to buy is limited, at the most also those who are relatively rich in the economy. So the target consumers are mainly 30-60, their purchasing power is relatively strong. The final consumer of the main crowd is: disabled, unable to act independently of the elderly, action self-care elderly.