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Electric wheelchair Braking device
- Jun 21, 2018 -

  Electric wheelchair braking device. The study of electromagnetic brakes is called Eddy current retarder, which is a kind of vehicle braking device. When we're in some way (pushing the retarder's hand switch, or when the brake pedal is applied to the stator coil of the retarder, a magnetic field is generated in the stator coil, which forms a circuit between the adjacent iron core, the magnetic yoke plate, the air gap and the rotor. At this point, if there is a relative movement between the rotor and the stator, this motion is equivalent to the conductor in the cutting lines of magnetic force, according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, in the conductor will produce an induced current, while the current will produce another induction magnetic field, the magnetic field and the existing magnetic field will have a and the direction of the force is always to hinder the direction of the conductor movement.

  This force is the source of the braking torque of the retarder. The electric control system of the eddy current retarder installed on the electric scooter is controlled by micro-computer. When the speed reaches a certain speed, micro-computer control system into the work on-call status, to promote the hand-switch retarder, or after the brake pedal, the microcomputer control system will be opened by the hand of the gear or pressure switch on the number, With different series, the vortex intensity of retarder is gradually increased, which makes the vehicle get different braking force.

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