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Features of electric wheelchairs
- Jun 21, 2018 -

  The patient can operate the fixed armrest or removable armrest fixed pedal or removable pedal to be carried out or not to be folded and placed according to the model and the price difference is divided into: hard seat, soft-seat, inflatable tires or solid tires, of which: fixed armrest, fixed pedal wheelchair price is lower. Special-type wheelchair: Mainly its function is complete, not only do disabled people and mobility of the action tool, but also have other functions. High back can lie wheelchair application range: High paraplegia and the elderly and infirm patients characteristics: 

  1. The reclining wheelchair's backrest is high to the rider's head detachable armrest and the revolving buckle type pedal board, the pedal may rise and fall, makes the 90 degree rotation, the Ministry bracket may adjust to the horizontal position. 

  2. The back can be segmented to adjust the angle or can be no section of arbitrary adjustment to the level (quite a bed) users can rest in a wheelchair. can also be removed head pillow. The scope of the electric wheelchair: for high paraplegia or hemiplegia, but with a single hand control ability of people to use. Electric wheelchair powered by battery, a charge to continue the capacity of 20 km or so, a single hand control device, can advance, back and turn, can be used indoors and externally. Prices are higher. The seat of the toilet wheelchair is suitable for the use of the extremities and the elderly who cannot enter the toilet. The toilet wheelchair: divides into the small wheel type to sit the toilet chair, with the commode wheelchair, may choose according to the use occasion. Sports Wheelchair for sports wheelchair: for the disabled to carry out sports activities, the use of ball games and racing two categories. Special design, the use of materials generally using aluminum alloy or light materials, strong and lightweight. Support Station Wheelchair: is a kind of station, wheelchair for paraplegia or cerebral palsy patients to stand training, through training: first, to prevent osteoporosis, promote blood circulation and strengthen muscle strength training. Second, can be convenient for patients to take things. Scope of application: paraplegia patients, cerebral palsy patients.