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How to choose an electric wheelchair
- Sep 25, 2018 -

As a mobile tool for the elderly or the disabled, electric wheelchairs are in greater demand and available in more and more categories. There are lot of brand and also hundreds of styles. How to choose?The author according to a few years of industry experience summed up a few, hope can help consumer, have not comprehensive place, welcome expert to correct.

Four major components of electric wheelchair: drive system -- motor, control system -- controller, power system -- battery, skeleton system -- frame and wheel.

Electric Powered Wheelchair for Elderly

At present, there are three types of electric wheelchairs: gear motor, caterpillar motor and hub motor.The most powerful and slope-stopping is the gear motor, but it is expensive and heavy.Caterpillar motor is less dynamic, and the caterpillar will be loose after a long time.The hub motor has the lowest cost and light quality, but the power is weak, the standing slope cannot be stopped, it will slide backward and the safety is poor.The overall advantage, however, is that the power consumption is low, and the same battery hub motor will last a lot longer. In general, the electric wheelchair with gear motor is still recommended.


At present, the control system has domestic controller, British PG controller imported and NEW ZEALAND dynamic controller. Whether the controller is good or not depends on the steering sensitivity and start-stop sensitivity.The steering is to see if you can do a 360 degree rotation in place, and what you can do, is the controller of bull B.Look at the start and stop speed. Some cars start the controller at the lowest speed. The car will start slowly.Some start up very quickly, to the old person too blunt, stop also can pause once.It's a bad experience.

Battery Powered Wheelchair

The battery is divided into lead-acid battery and lithium battery. At present, the electric wheelchair uses 24V voltage. The larger the battery is, the longer the theoretical battery life is.The bigger is 55AH and 75AH, and the range is around 30-40 km. The smaller is 12-20ah, and the range is 10 km.Compared with lead-acid battery, lithium battery is light in weight and easy to maintain, but the cost is high. At present, the technology of lithium battery in China is uneven, and there are safety risks. Although lithium battery is used in electric bicycles, the electric wheelchair industry is relatively cautious.The same is lead acid battery, the recognition is not good depends on the self-discharging time, I have seen a brand of batteries put three months do not need to charge, the battery is still full, and some half a month on the discharge more than half.


Skeleton is material and design, whether it is fixed design or folded design, which varies from person to person. If it is more portable, we should consider ultra-light material and convenient folding.If stability is taken into account and no folding is required, choose a rigid frame structure that is rigid and rigid.Wheels are mainly flexible and shock - absorbing.The inflatable tyre has good shock absorption and it is easier to pass through small steps (generally less than 5 cm).A solid tire will slip on small steps.There are shock absorbers through the gully.Generally four wheels, two front wheels are cardan wheel, two rear wheels are drive wheel.The smaller the front wheel is, the more flexible it is.If the front wheel is over 18 inches thick, it's ok.

Choose electric wheelchair to also want reason to think, cannot feel lighter the better, actually the opportunity that comes down to use move is not much, it is barrier-free now, on the contrary the function of wheelchair and failure rate should consider a bit more.In this wheelchair has excellent performance and ultralight weight under the premise, the cost is at least 2000 dollars, three or four thousand dare to sell or stay away from it.The core purpose of the old man's purchase of the electric wheelchair is to get out of the bondage of his family and let him go to the park and the community. They also need their own space and old life, which is the core appeal.Just want to buy light and follow the old man, and also want to drive out with the electric wheelchair, in fact, the old man want to go out by himself!Therefore, the stability and driving performance of the car is the most critical!