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How to drive an powered wheelchair
- Sep 27, 2018 -

Drive an electric wheelchair


Learn to use joystick and steering wheel

2. Parallel straight electric wheelchair

3. Please pay attention to the driving of the front and rear wheels, and there are differences in the turning range of the electric wheelchair

4. Electric wheelchair across the threshold

5. Upper and lower slopes

Pedal Motorized Wheelchair

Determine the stability, smoothness, no debris, etc

The human torso should be properly tilted forward and backward

Patients with high-level spinal cord injury should be strapped to the chest and fixed the trunk

Some wheelchairs can be tilted forward and backward, and should be adjusted before going up and down the ramp

Some wheelchairs are designed so that the patient's upper limbs hook the armrest of the wheelchair

The ramp is so steep that you can use the Z up and down

6. Upper and lower teeth

If the electric wheelchair is driven by rear wheel, 5-7 inches of road teeth can be used; if it is driven by middle wheel and front wheel, 1-3 inches of road teeth can be used.In the case of lower teeth, generally the rear wheel drive can lower the road teeth by 4 inches, while the middle and front wheels can only lower the road teeth by less than 3 inches.

7.In the upper and lower teeth, for up and down Safety, it is suggested to adopt the big theory before, let the big wheel of the rear wheel first Learn to operate an electric wheelchair in a crowded environment

Minimizes collisions or injuries with other people on the road, especially when a pedestrian suddenly stops to answer a phone or look at a road sign Electric Outdoor Powered Wheelchair Electric wheelchairs are prone to traffic accidents because there are no specifications for electric wheelchairs, no brake lights, no danger lights, no turning signs, etc

8. Elevator

The elevator doors should be at least 36 inches wide and open for at least five seconds to give patients time to get in

Consider taking the next step if the height of the elevator differs by 2 inches from the floor or the gap between the elevator and the floor by 2 inches. If the elevator is empty, you need to make sure that the patient can turn around the wheelchair after entering the elevator. If there are some people in the elevator, you can directly enter the elevator


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