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How to maintain the electric wheelchair daily
- Jun 21, 2018 -

  1. not normal charging: Please check the charger, fuse is normal. Please check that the charging wiring is connected properly. may be excessive discharge of the battery, please add longer charge time, if still not full, please replace the battery.

  The battery may be damaged or aged, please replace it.

  2. press the power switch, power indicator is not lit: check the power cord and signal line is correct connection, check whether the battery has electricity, check the battery box overload protection is off, please press.

  3. the power switch started, the indicator is also normal display, but the electric wheelchair is still unable to start: Check whether the clutch into the "filing on" position. 

  4. When the car is in progress, the speed of the vehicle is not coordinated and when it stops and stops: Check the tire tyre pressure adequacy, check the motor is overheating, there is a murmur or other abnormal phenomenon.

  The power cord is loose, the controller is damaged, please replace the factory.

  5. Brake Invalid: Check whether the clutch into the "filing on" position, check the controller "rocker" whether the normal bounce back to the middle position, may be the brake or clutch damage, return to plant replacement.