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Indoor or Outdoor Use,What is the best mobility scooter?
- Nov 28, 2018 -

Are you planning to use your scooter more indoors or outdoors or perhaps a mixture of both? you’ll want different scooters. Three wheel scooters are more suited for indoor use as they are smaller and allow for a tighter turning radius so you can navigate around corners and furniture. And if you’re having trouble with getting into the scooters indoors, you might also consider purchasing a lift chair.

For outdoor, you’ll want a four wheel scooter as they provide extra stability and more power. Outdoor scooters tend to have larger batteries and can reach speeds of up to 10 mph not only for faster travel, but also to provide extra horsepower when going up hills or traveling along the grass.

Heavy Duty

If you’re dealing with extra weight, a heavy duty mobility scooter might be the best option as most have a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds. They come in 3 and 4 wheel designs and are generally more rugged. Even if you aren’t overweight, a heavy duty scooter might be a great option as the wider wheel base and higher ground clearance make it ideal to use for uneven outdoor terrain.

Battery Life

All scooters run on battery, but not all batteries are made equal. If you’re just using your scooter for only a few hours a day, you don’t need one that has a large battery. The smallest scooter battery is 7.2 amp hour while the largest tend to go up to 80 amp hour. If you’re planning on using the scooter for all day and/or outdoor use, you’ll want to look into one that has a better battery life. You might even consider purchasing an extra battery in cases of emergencies.


Like any piece of tech, your scooter will likely need some kind of maintenance whether that means adjusting your tires or fixing some issues. With that in mind, you’ll want to buy from a company that offers a great warranty and customer service. This might mean paying more for a scooter that has better clout, but it will ultimately save you time and a lot of headaches. Scooters are expensive so you’ll want to have some way to keep it well maintained for years to come.

You’ll likely be sitting on your scooter for hours, so it’s important that you’re comfortable while doing so. Before making a purchase see if you can at test out some scooters. If possible, rent for a few days to really get the feel for the scooters. You’ll want to pay attention to things like:


Leg space


Shock absorption

You might not notice these issues if you’re just sitting on the scooter, so try to get as much time with your top couple options as possible to narrow down your choices.

So what’s the best scooter? It’s the one that’s the best for you. Figure out what you want from your scooter and then find a few brands that fit your budget (and maybe even a couple that don’t). Also check with your insurance as some might cover a portion of your mobility scooter costs.

Disclaimer: This answer should not be used in lieu of advice from a medical professional. Ask your doctor for information on mobility scooters and if one is right for you.