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Main structure of electric wheelchair
- Jun 21, 2018 -

 The electric wheelchair mainly by the motor, the controller, the battery, the main frame and so on four parts compose.

  The Madamada is composed of motor, gearbox and electromagnetic brake. Electric wheelchair motor is generally a DC deceleration motor, and through the two-stage deceleration gearbox, the final speed of 0~160 turn/min.

  The state stipulates that the speed of the electric wheelchair can not exceed 8km/h. Motor with clutch, can achieve manual, electric two modes of conversion.

When the clutch is in the electric mode, electric walking can be realized; When the clutch is in manual mode, it can be pushed manually, and the manual wheelchair is used.


  The controller panel generally includes a power switch, a speed adjustment button, a buzzer, a joystick.

The electric wheelchair controller controls the wheelchair by the independent control about two motor movement, realizes the wheelchair advancement (the left and right motor simultaneously forwards), the backward (left and right motor simultaneously turns backward) and the steering (the motor speed and the steering is different).

  Battery Electric wheelchairs generally use lead-acid batteries as a power supply, but also the use of lithium batteries and other batteries as a power supply, the battery includes a charger interface and a power output interface, typically 24V power supply (Controller 24V, motor 24V, charger 24V, Battery 24V), the use of household electricity (220V) for charging.