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paramedics to know of using the electric wheelchairs
- Oct 11, 2018 -

1, pay attention to safety. When entering the door or encountering obstacles, do not use the wheelchair to hit the door or obstacles (especially the elderly are mostly vulnerable to osteoporosis);Electric Powered Wheelchair for Elderly


2. When pushing the electric wheelchair, ask the patient to hold the handrail of the wheelchair, sit back as far as possible, do not lean forward or get off by himself;To prevent falling, add restraint bands if necessary;


3. As the front wheel of the wheelchair is small, it is likely to cause sudden stop when encountering small obstacles (such as small stones, small trenches, etc.), which may cause the wheelchair or patient to tip over and injure the patient. Wheelchair users must be careful, and pull back when necessary (because the rear wheel is large, the ability to overcome obstacles is strong).


4. Push the Electric Mobility Wheelchair  downhill at a slow speed, and the patient's head and back should lean back and grasp the handrail to avoid accidents;


5. Observe the condition at any time;If the patient has swelling, ulcer or joint pain, the foot pedal can be raised, cushioned with a soft pillow.


6. Keep warm when the weather is cold. Lay the blanket directly on the wheelchair and wrap the blanket around the patient's neck.


7. The Mobility Electric Power Wheelchair wheelchair should be checked frequently and lubricated regularly to keep it in good condition.

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