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Precautions for daily use of electric wheelchairs
- Jun 21, 2018 -

  In the daily use of the process, did not pay attention to the terms of use, will shorten the mileage of the electric wheelchair, and may shorten the battery and wheelchair motor life and cause the wheelchair structural parts of the damage.

  Avoid the use of electric wheelchair load over 120KG.

  Prevent electric wheelchairs from climbing slopes above 12 degrees for a long time.

  Avoid electric wheelchair crossing over 4cm obstacles.

  This product is adapted to be used between temperature 0 ℃ to 40 ℃.

  Avoid the use of this product in places where electromagnetic interference is strong.

  In the use of this product process, the operator can not touch the battery power output terminals.

  In the driving, to avoid the user close to the driving device.

  Avoid a sharp turn during driving.

  When downhill, avoid speed too fast.

  Avoid high voltage charging.

  Avoid rainy days driving.

  In the course of driving, the power switch on the controller must be turned off when the car is parked on the way. Special attention: Electric wheelchairs are different from ordinary manual wheelchairs, many important parts are composed of mechanical system and precision control circuit system, with complex structure and high technical content. It is important and necessary to maintain and use it on a daily basis. Also for this reason, the same electric wheelchair, the same use of time, and product life is very different.

  Among them, the battery of the electric wheelchair is its extremely important part, the battery life decides the electric wheelchair's service life. The electric wheelchair battery is carried out on a regular basis, and a deep discharge is recommended after two months. "Eat full state", develop the habit of keeping the battery full power, every day, no matter how long you use, should be added recharge. Keep the battery in a "full state" for a long time. It is forbidden to store electricity, storage of battery loss will seriously affect service life, if the longer idle time, the more serious the battery damage. Idle electric wheelchairs to be charged regularly, two-month supplement, so that the battery in a long-term "full state." If you do not use an electric wheelchair for a long time, disconnect the power cord connector so that the battery is separated from the electrical components to reduce battery discharge.