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Select the electric wheelchair to pay attention to the details
- Jun 21, 2018 -

  Nowadays, the development of electric wheelchair has been gradually popularized, not only the patent of the disabled, but also the convenient tool for the old people to travel.

  The development of electric wheelchairs has created a variety of structures and styles, but in the choice to be based on their own needs to be screened, do not cross-stitch eye. Wheelchair break up push wheelchair and electric wheelchair.

  Wheelchair raw materials are divided into aerospace aluminum alloy raw materials, aluminum alloy raw materials, steel tubes and steel tubes and other raw materials, such as the size of the wheelchair bearing and the degree of firmness.

  Style on the points, self-help and by virtue of the type, that is, the difference between the big wheel and small wheel, the big wheel can be pushed by the elderly or patients themselves, the ferry can only rely on other people's assistance to walk.

  The difference in details is the difference between the cushion, and some wheelchair planning to pay attention to the human function, there are winter and summer mat, features that is warm in winter and summer cool, the winter has a thick sponge mat, the summer has a good breathable mattress cushion, go out to play convenient folding, overweight also can choose a reinforced wheelchair for you to choose according to their own situation. The electric wheelchair features a tool for people with disabilities or healthy seniors to travel. Electric wheelchair in the speed can be controlled, electronic version of the line operation, high sensitivity, active braking function, to ensure the safety of the elderly to exercise, easy to operate, can let the old man himself out to play, no longer lonely.