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The benefits of an electric wheelchair
- Jun 21, 2018 -

 1. The electric wheelchair is widely popular. Compared with the traditional wheelchair, the powerful function of the electric wheelchair not only applies to the old and frail elderly, the same, it is also suitable for severe disability injury. 

Stable, electric power lasting, speed adjustable and so on are the unique advantages of electric wheelchairs. 

  2. It is more convenient to use electric wheelchair. As we all know, the traditional hand-propelled wheelchair must rely on human push and pull forward, if there is no one around, but also have to push their own hand wheel, really hard. Electric wheelchairs are not the same, as long as the charge of electricity, do not need to accompany the family at all times, they can stroll around.Convenient for the family, more convenient for themselves. 

  3. The use of electric wheelchairs, more environmentally friendly. Electricity and fuel are no doubt more environmentally friendly than they are.Many people consider using a car to carry the elderly out of the house, rather than let the elderly themselves drive an electric wheelchair, leisurely quick. 

  4. It is safer to use an electric wheelchair. The production technology of electric wheelchair is more and more mature, the brake equipment of the car is the quantity production after the professional person passes many tests. So the electric wheelchair's runaway probability is almost zero.

  5. The use of electric wheelchairs, more economical. Some people say that the use of traditional wheelchairs is not more economical? In fact, from the point of view of human energy, the use of traditional wheelchairs, moving a move to consume thousands of calories of energy, the only way to replenish energy is to eat and drink, think very expensive it.But the electric wheelchair only needs a small amount of electricity, can solve the travel problem. 

  6. Use electric wheelchair to enhance self-care ability. With electric wheelchairs, everything can consider their own, the toilet, buy vegetables, cooking, sleeping and so on daily activities, a person + an electric wheelchair can basically do.You know, now that you've rolled out a flat-powered wheelchair.