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Watch out for the wheelchairs' problems caused by power shortag
- Dec 25, 2018 -

Technology changing, our life in the electric wheelchair, electric wheelchair's appearance has brought a lot of people is convenient, especially those body inconvenience, at the same time also save Labour, on the one hand the use of electric wheelchair has become increasingly important in our life now.The use of electric wheelchair is the most important is to rely on electricity, so in daily life we suggest to be careful  of the problems caused by electricity shortage. 


The biggest problem is to can not help the elderly people to go out or go back.  Especially when you go out in the electric wheelchair can be normal use, but in the use of electric wheelchair when I come home after a period of time, the phenomenon of the battery is low, it is difficult, the electric wheelchair itself is very heavy, the elderly is too weak to move it. Or the elderly is accompany with the keeper, if the electricty wheelchair is powered off,  it is difficult for the keeper to push the patients and wheelchairs. So we must be careful of the electric wheelchair power shortage.


Low power may lead to the dangers, such as crossing the road or going downhill when there is insufficient power, it is often lead to the emergence of dangers, especially when crossing the road we need to pay attention. So for the use of electric wheelchair we suggest two points, the first is before go out, we suggest that you check the power of the electric wheelchair, resulting in deficiency of use half won't appear, that is to say, check electric wheelchair electricity in time, the second a little electricity shortage problems may caused by  battery, so it is important to note that the battery is in normal.