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What to do if an electric wheelchair break down
- Sep 28, 2018 -

The electric chair vehicle is a kind of vehicle for people with limb disorders or mobility problems. Due to the different frequency of use and method of use, problems will occur over time.So what to do if the motorized wheelchair breaks down?There is no need to worry,we will introduce to you the breakdown of the electric wheelchair and the solution.

1, brake

Handicapped Recline Power Wheelchair In the control part of the electric wheelchair, the brake is a very important part, which is closely related to the safety of the user.So it's important to check that the brakes are working properly every time you use an electric wheelchair.The reason that the brake often goes wrong is the clutch and the rocker.Check that the clutch is in the "ON" position before each trip with an electric wheelchair, and then check that the lever of the controller bounces back to the middle position.If it is not for these two reasons, you should consider whether it is the clutch or the controller is damaged, and repair it in time. Do not use the electric wheelchair when the brake is damaged.

2, the battery

Power Tilt and Recline Wheelchair

Electric wheelchairs, as the name suggests, are the key to driving an electric wheelchair.High-end electric wheelchairs have relatively high battery prices on the market, so battery maintenance is important in the use of electric wheelchairs.The problem that the battery is more likely to appear is that there is no way to charge the battery and it is not durable after charging. First, if the battery cannot be charged, check whether the charger is normal, and then check the fuse.Secondly, the battery is not durable after being charged. The battery is also damaged during normal use, which should be known to all.Over time the battery's battery life will slowly weaken, which is normal battery loss;If the battery life is sudden problems are usually caused by excessive discharge.Therefore, in the use of the electric wheelchair, the battery should be diligent maintenance.

3, tire

Since the tire is directly in contact with the ground and the road condition is different, the wear and tear during the use of the tire is also different.A common problem with tires is puncture.At this time, the tire should be inflated first. Please refer to the recommended air pressure on the tire surface. Then, if the tire is pinched, it will feel firm.Tire maintenance is also very important, there are a lot of people in the use of a period of time after the electric wheelchair found not a straight line, actually a lot problems appeared on the tyres, such as tire deformation, leakage, loose, etc., or less wheels joint bearing lubricating oil, rust, etc are all possible reasons for the electric wheelchair can't walk straight.


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