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Flight Consignment Rules About Electric Wheelchairs
- Sep 27, 2018 -

Passengers who are required to carry electric wheelchairs during travel may be transported as checked luggage due to temporary restrictions on movement due to disability, health, age or leg fractures.

The electric wheelchair shall not be taken into the passenger cabin and must be checked at the check-in counter. Please arrive at the check-in counter 2 hours before the check-in deadline for ordinary passengers.

Electric wheelchair is not included in your free luggage. We can transport for you for free, but only one piece is allowed for shipment. 

Lithium Ion Battery Powered Wheelchair Air China will not transport electric wheelchairs carried by able-bodied passengers beyond the above scope.

Wheelchair with leakproof battery - ensures that the battery does not short-circuit and is securely mounted on the wheelchair.

A wheelchair with a non-leakproof battery - the battery should not be mounted on the wheelchair and should come in a protective package.The package shall have a leakproof function and shall be secured to the pallet or cargo hold with a strap, anchor or support.Make sure the battery does not short circuit and is surrounded by suitable adsorbents to absorb any leaking liquid.

The packing should be marked "BATTERY, WET, WET" or "BATTERY, WET, WITH MOBILITY AID".And labeled with "CORROSIVE" (" CORROSIVE ") label and tag "UPWARD" (" up ").


Limited capacity of wheelchairs powered by lithium batteries

Portable Folding Electric Powered Wheelchair

If the electric wheelchair you are carrying is powered by a lithium battery, its battery rated energy shall not exceed 300Wh.If it must be powered by two batteries, one of them must not exceed 160Wh.At the same time, it can carry one spare battery with rated energy not exceeding 300Wh or two with rated energy not exceeding 160Wh respectively.

Lithium batteries are carried by passengers and cannot be transported beyond capacity.

For more information about electric wheelchair shipment, contact your local operations department or business department.

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