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Teach You To Easily Move The Patient To An Electric Wheelchair.
- Jun 21, 2018 -

  Paralysis patients are not able to free activities is the family's biggest headache, the patient from the bed to the electric wheelchair is a very troublesome thing.

  If you have some skills, it will be easy. Bed height to be close to wheelchair seat, bedside preferably install a short handrail, wheelchair with brakes and folding-type footrest. The wheelchair is placed on the patient's healthy side.

  The wheelchair is slightly angled to the end of the bed (30~45度).

  ① the patient sits by the bedside, first locks the wheelchair brake;

  ② the patient's body leans forward and moves toward the bedside with a limb, a foot-and-hand-down brace;

  ③ will limb knee flexion to more than 90 degrees, and the healthy side of the foot to the affected side of the foot of the later side, easy to rotate the two feet freely; The ④ grasps the bed armrest (if the balance is unstable then grasps the farther middle of the wheelchair armrest), the patient's body moves forward, supports with own lateral arm, causes most weight to transfer to the healthy side calf.

  To reach a standing position;

 ⑤ patient moves the hand to the middle of the far side armrest of the wheelchair and moves the two feet to make himself ready to sit in a position;

  ⑥ finally the patient will put the baseboard to the original position, with the health test hand will be raised with legs, and put the foot on the toe. As long as you follow the steps above, you can easily move the patient to an electric wheelchair.