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The Appearance Of The Old Scooter Is Well Liked By The Elderly
- Jun 21, 2018 -

  As the old age increases, the sight narrows. Because the vision narrows, the old man drives less than ordinary people to see a part of pedestrians. Therefore, in order to avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents, the elderly should slow down properly when driving. Generally speaking, the common causes of narrowing of vision are glaucoma, central retinal artery obstruction and so on. Narrow vision, there will be mobility inconvenience, depending on the situation is not clear, the best person to go out accompanied by the home.

  In addition, do not put too much clutter at hand, otherwise easy to cause bodily harm. At present, there is a kind of old-age scooter, is designed for the elderly travel design, many aspects of the elderly need to consider. This kind of product has the strict limit to the speed, also has considered the old person to the fast transportation vehicle cannot control the question, the operating system is very simple, the humanity, lets the old person quickly learn and adapts. Therefore, this kind of car is very popular among the elderly.