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The Inevitable Trend Of Electric Scooter Development
- Jun 21, 2018 -

  At present, the domestic electric scooter and electric wheelchairs and other relatively high-end products in the policy of the basic Shanghai did not. Whether the electric scooter or the electric wheelchair belongs to the medical device or the transportation is not a clear division. Faced with the strong demand of the masses, this requires the Government to formulate and improve the management of the rules and regulations must be forward-looking.

  It is an inevitable trend for electric wheelchairs to replace the wheelchair and electric scooter to replace the disabled motorcycle. Any industry in the initial stage of development needs government-related policies to support and tilt. The elderly electric mobility is no exception, electric scooter because China gradually entered the aging and green trend of demand, has become a traditional wheelchair industry in another emerging industry. Western developed countries because of early entry into an aging society, the electric scooter, electric wheelchairs and other electric accessories into the policy subsidy program, which further promote the market sales of electric scooter.