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The Use Of Electric Wheelchairs In The Elderly
- Jun 21, 2018 -

The elderly electric wheelchair is a lot of use, favored by consumers. The elderly electric wheelchair in the selection and function are constant innovation, materials from the previous iron pipe or steel pipe to the present aerospace and aluminum alloy, the function can only manually control until now only need the controller can control walking.

The specific functions are as follows:

1. can be upright to lie flat, can stand to walk, and can become a couch.

2. manual, electric dual-use, mainly electric, manual for Vice, go out without worry about power.

3. the configuration of a variety of human functions, writing racks, shopping baskets, hand ring, on the armrest.

4. the configuration of anti-tilt and back-tilting small wheel, 8-wheel configuration to ensure the standing and uphill use of security.

5. microcomputer control system, single hand lever operation, the car is open, easy driving.

6. five-speed, stepless adjustment, 360° arbitrary steering (around the casual walking). 

7. the structure is concise, the electric power is strong, the electromagnetic brake (parking automatic brake, Banpo can in the car).