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Three Major Factors Affecting Wheelchair Development
- Jun 21, 2018 -

  Market environment: Now the domestic production and sales market is in a disorderly state, the manufacturers basically export-oriented, although most manufacturers are also optimistic about the domestic market, but do not want to do upfront investment.

  Products are not suitable for China's national conditions, at the same time there is no supporting after-sales service, so that the vast number of people can not trust to buy. Use environment: Because of the use of the environment also let electric scooter, electric wheelchair can not be widely used and popular in most urban road surface design in China than Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries requirements standards.

  Potholes, defects, all kinds of small obstacles can be seen everywhere, is not suitable for electric scooter drive exercise, and the majority of people live in a small building, there is no room to store. Technical factors: Although the overall consumer group in the country is very large, but the income at the bottom of the more, investment in business can not see the return of hope, so do not want to invest gold projects, research, fear of risk, electric nursing bed technology development is also so. Over time, the enterprise developed high-performance Electric Auxiliary travel tools and foreign has a big gap, so far, the sale of electric scooter basically used foreign controller, even electric drive also used the outsourcing method, the technology fully hold in foreign hands. The core technology cannot be localized, which makes the production cost high.