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What Affects The Development Of Electric Wheelchairs
- Jun 21, 2018 -

 As an important part of China's entire industrial economy, the electric vehicle scooter industry has also been greatly affected by the inflationary rut. From the first half of last year, the continuous growth of PPI makes electric scooter whole car and accessories business.

  The rising wages of workers, the continued rise in the price of raw materials and so on, these are just from the price war out of the electric scooter industry is simply a curse. Originally wanted in the price war slightly insipid 2010 years of recharge, but encountered such a huge stumbling block, make many enterprises suddenly lost direction. However, under the influence of the price war, many enterprises in the electric scooter industry are still in the dark rivalry, quietly in the local area of the price war, which is undoubtedly in the worse, so that the development of enterprises, even the development of the industry is struggling.