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What Is The Price Of The Wheelchair, How To Choose The Electric Wheelchair
- Jun 21, 2018 -

Wheelchair is the life of every paraplegic patients with the necessary means of transport, without it we will be unable to move, so each patient will have their own use experience. The proper use of wheelchairs and the mastery of certain skills will give us a great help in our daily life:

 The type of electric wheelchair controller can be divided into hand control, head control, tongue control, cheek control, chin control, air control and voice sound. In addition to hand control, the rest of the control for patients with limb paralysis. An electric wheelchair is not easy to use, full view of the performance of the controller is not superior, because the controller to operate the wheelchair immediately to any direction (360 degrees) movement, is the nerve of the wheelchair vehicle. The controller is divided into domestic controller and import controller. General domestic Controller of the electric wheelchair price of 7000 yuan below 5000 yuan; Import controller of the electric wheelchair prices are relatively high, basically in seven thousand or eight thousand to tens of thousands of dollars.

  Second than the motor to buy a wheelchair, to understand the different motor. Because the motor is the main driving force part of the electric wheelchair, is also the heart of the electric wheelchair.

At present, the main domestic is the brush motor (there are high-speed and low-speed points) and brushless motor two kinds. Brush Low-speed motor starting and climbing when the current is large, weak performance, brush high-speed motor, good wear resistance, reasonable design, effectively reduce the electric wheelchair maintenance costs. Because our country stipulates the electric bicycle and the electric wheelchair as the non motor vehicle, but the brushless motor speed is above 20 km/h, therefore is not used.

  Three than the material when you choose to consider the choice of materials. The material of electric wheelchair can be divided into aluminum alloy and steel pipe material. Now do electric wheelchair aluminum alloy is the use of high-strength aluminum alloy, this material not only has the strength of the steel pipe and lightweight, and to avoid the shortcomings of heavy steel pipe material.

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