Power Wheelchairs

  • Electric Powered Wheelchair with Headrest

    Electric Powered Wheelchair with Headrest

    Description: The electric powered wheelchair allocate the headrest, which is easy to operate and the controller is adjustable according to customer's needs. The electric powered wheelchair adopt permanent magnet driving technology, make the wheelchair speed up strongly...Read More
  • Electric Powered Mobility Wheelchairs

    Electric Powered Mobility Wheelchairs

    Description: The electric powered mobility wheelchair adopt imported dual motor, the motor power is 320w, with 32ah battery, the driving range can be to 40km. which helps the user to last the outdoor experience. Imported controller PG or DYNAMIC, make the mobility wheelchair...Read More
  • Collapsible Powered Wheelchair

    Collapsible Powered Wheelchair

    Description: This type collapsible powered wheelchair is specially designed for the elderly and the disable people. It is easy to operate and the position of controller is adjustable. It is very safe, Intelligent electromagnetic brake cooperate with the manual brake, even on...Read More
  • Fold up Electric Wheelchair

    Fold up Electric Wheelchair

    Description: Fold up electric wheelchair is an economic model wheelchair. We highly recommended this type recline fold up wheelchair to our customers. Electric drive, relax your hands, full flat on the wheelchairs and leg lifts. The largest load capacity is 150kg, good news...Read More
  • Lightweight Motorized Folding Wheelchair

    Lightweight Motorized Folding Wheelchair

    Description: The lightweight motorized folding wheelchair help you more independent, your do not need anyone to push, just press the power key, through the joystick, you can go to anywhere you want. The other advantage is light, after folding up, you can put it into the car...Read More
  • Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair

    Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair

    Description: Rainbow colors to choose for your lightweight folding electric wheelchair, the best advantage of this type electric wheelchair is high cost performance, we use the high quality domestic controller and motors, sturdy aircraft grade aluminum frame to secure your...Read More
  • Portable Folding Electric Powered Wheelchair

    Portable Folding Electric Powered Wheelchair

    Description: Open and fold in a second, and weight only 55 lbs, the portable folding electric powered wheelchair is the lightest wheelchair. It can easily to be putted in to many kinds of car trunks by yourself and taken to the airplane. The portable folding electric powered...Read More
  • Lightweight Portable Powered Wheelchair

    Lightweight Portable Powered Wheelchair

    Description: The portable lightweight powered wheelchair is made of sturdy steel, which is lightweight but durable. And many colors can choose. The lightweight powered wheelchair have the feature as flip-up armrests to make transfers easier. It can be used both indoors and...Read More
  • Long Range Motorized Wheelchair

    Long Range Motorized Wheelchair

    Description: The long range motorized wheelchair is one of the best long travel power wheelchair, having the travel range of 30kms. So when the customers travel a long distance they do not need to worry the motorized wheelchair shut down due to the drained battery. In the...Read More
  • Pedal Motorized Wheelchair

    Pedal Motorized Wheelchair

    Description: Relaxed,safety, transportable, easy operate, long driving range and the large capacity, do not doubt, this is our Pedal motorized wheelchair. The carbon steel frame make it durable and the large capacity battery, imported motor make the wheelchair driving a long...Read More
  • Electric Outdoor Powered Wheelchair

    Electric Outdoor Powered Wheelchair

    Description: When you choose a power wheelchair, the most important thing you must consider is the using environment, where do you want to use, indoor or outdoor, the best answer is it can be used both indoor and outdoor, if you can take it to go out for a trip it’s the ideal...Read More
  • Disabled Motorized Wheelchair

    Disabled Motorized Wheelchair

    Description: The disabled motorised wheelchair is fit for people who can not stand up and those who have a long-term and difficulty with the mobility. The disabled motorised wheelchair is rear wheel driving, the large rear wheel make it easier to manoeuvre. The alloy aluminum...Read More
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