• Electric Outdoor Powered Wheelchair

    Electric Outdoor Powered Wheelchair

    Description: When you choose a power wheelchair, the most important thing you must consider is the using environment, where do you want to use, indoor or outdoor, the best answer is it can be used both indoor and outdoor, if you can take it to go out for a trip it’s the ideal...Read More
  • Disabled Motorized Wheelchair

    Disabled Motorized Wheelchair

    Description: The disabled motorised wheelchair is fit for people who can not stand up and those who have a long-term and difficulty with the mobility. The disabled motorised wheelchair is rear wheel driving, the large rear wheel make it easier to manoeuvre. The alloy aluminum...Read More
  • Handicapped Recline Power Wheelchair

    Handicapped Recline Power Wheelchair

    Description: Handicapped recline powered wheelchair is fit for the person are generally difficult to seat comfortably, subject to skin breakdown and pressure sores. And those who is unable to sit upright for extended periods of time. the handicapped recline powered wheelchair...Read More
  • Power Tilt and Recline Wheelchair

    Power Tilt and Recline Wheelchair

    Description: Power tilt and recline wheelchair allows for appropriate tilting of the backrest to relieve pressures off of the body to maximize comfort. The backrest is adjustable from 90°to 165°, 4 section adjust to meet customers different needs. The power tilt and recline...Read More
  • Heavy Duty Electric Power Wheelchairs

    Heavy Duty Electric Power Wheelchairs

    Description: The heavy duty power wheelchair is make you stay mobile and independent. The bold carbon steel pipe make the power wheelchair durable, load capacity is 330lbs. The widen 14” tires make it easily to drive indoor and outdoor terrains. The heavy dusty power...Read More
  • Bariatric Electric Wheelchair

    Bariatric Electric Wheelchair

    Description: The bariatric electric wheelchair also called as heavy duty power wheelchair, the load capacity up to 330lbs, the durable and bold steel frame is strong enough to meet almost any customers use. The thicken cushion and backrest covered with the leather, make the...Read More
  • Handicap Mobility Scooter

    Handicap Mobility Scooter

    Description: Handicapped mobility scooter is not only a portable multi-purpose electric scooter, but also a variable cost performance. Carbon steel frame make it durable and lightweight. The speed of the scooter meet to the international standard. 13ah lithium battery, one...Read More
  • Travel Mobility Scooter

    Travel Mobility Scooter

    Description: Travel mobility scooter body adopt the light weight design, the turn radius and the volume is small, easy to enter the elevator and the room. Front wheel driving, strongly power with 350w motor. 15 seconds fast folding. folding buckle design increase the safety,...Read More
  • Motorized Wheelchair Scooter

    Motorized Wheelchair Scooter

    Description: Motorized wheelchair scooter is a three wheel design, which can freely in and out of narrow space, turning radius is more flexible. Can cope with various road terrains at the same time, such as cement road, cobbles road , lawns and easy to climb 18 degree slope...Read More
  • Electric Mobility Scooter

    Electric Mobility Scooter

    Description: In the name of love, making travel more convenience. The electric mobility scooter brings you the same comfort experience in different roads. The carbon steel frame, the mobility scooter won’t deform even at a high strength vibration situation, improve the...Read More
  • Scooter for Disabled People

    Scooter for Disabled People

    Description: This type mobility scooter is fit for disabled people. It is easy to operate, customer master it in three minutes. Consider the safety of users, we adopted the electromagnetic braking systems, when you lease your hand, the scooter will be stopped. Large power...Read More
  • Outdoor Mobility Scooter

    Outdoor Mobility Scooter

    Description: The elderly and those who are injury or can not walk for a longtime, how to solve their outdoor traveling, the outdoor mobility scooter can help. Four wheel design and the solid tires provides stably on rough terrain, which can hold a weight capacity of 150kgs....Read More