• Transportable Mobility Scooter

    Transportable Mobility Scooter

    Description: The transportable mobility scooter is a 4 wheel scooter, which is steady and easy to transport. The mobility scooter is designed to help the elderly and the disabled regain their freedom, confidence and independence inside and outside the home. The most important...Read More
  • Portable Scooter for Elderly

    Portable Scooter for Elderly

    Description: The model of the portable scooter for elderly is compact and convenient, imported controller device make the start slowly and driving fluid, can effectively avoid the rush forward due to the incorrect operation, increase the comfortable driving experience. Easily...Read More
  • Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter

    Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter

    Description: The foldable power scooter is a mid size four wheel scooter for indoor and outdoor use. Which will provides you a smooth and comfortable ride over variety of outdoor terrains. The colorful carbon steel frame make it durable and stylish. The power scooter is...Read More
  • Drive Rollator Walker

    Drive Rollator Walker

    Description: The drive rollator walker have several regulation function, suitable for different height customers’ needs. Adjustable handle height, foldable and disassemble. Easy to transport and storage. The rollator is very safety with the locking function. The three wheel...Read More
  • Rollator Walker with Seat

    Rollator Walker with Seat

    Description: The rollator walker with seat is a multi-function walker, a rollator can be used as a shopping cart, lounge chair and a walker. The handle height is adjustable to meet different customer's height. Rear leg tips acts as brakes when press down, the rollator...Read More
  • Commode Chair for the Elderly

    Commode Chair for the Elderly

    Description: The commode chair for elderly, it is not only a commode chair, but a sitting chair, bath chair, sofa chair and so on. Lengthen the hole to prevent leak urine, lengthened and deepen toilet bucket can be drawn. Thick aluminum tube, increase the weight capacity,...Read More
  • Shower Commode Chair with Wheels

    Shower Commode Chair with Wheels

    Description: The shower commode chair with wheels is convenience for your life, the frame is made of carbon steel, not easy to rust and durable. The leg rests and footrests provide the utmost support. Manoeuvrability is particularly good with the Wheeled. The commode chair...Read More
  • Medical Overbed Table

    Medical Overbed Table

    Description: The medical overbed table, easy to handle on various occasions. The overbed table height is adjustable to meet different needs. The reliable screw fixation make it safe and stable. The overbed table equipped with the baffle to prevent goods falling. The desktop...Read More
  • Hospital Overbed Table

    Hospital Overbed Table

    Description: The height of the hospital overbed table is adjustable, suitable for different height requirements, easy to move with the rollers, and do not take up space, simple and beautiful. The steel tube frame make it durable and strong bear capacity. The corner of the...Read More
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